The Dreamwork, 1995

Installation at Galleri Herslebsgate 10, Oslo, a gallery run by Ole Jørgen Ness from 1993 to 1996.

Sublimebrown,1995. Glue, stopper, enamel and vaseline on canvas, 250 x 200 cm./The Dreamwork, 1995, Pamphlet, A4- format, 10 copies./Cast of characters, 1995 - Color-photocopy, 40 x 51 cm. (detail)

This exhibition was a culmination of a 5-year process of documenting my dreams in written text. The work dealt with problems of translation between seemingly opposing categories; from dream to text, from private to public, from psychologic to sociologic. I wanted to present a surrealistic material in a conceptual form, and collaps the illusionary systems of categorization. The pamphlet with the dream texts were presented in a hole in the floor, and a monumental monochrome gestural painting was supposed to symbolize the scatological and base materiality of the project. At the opening night several people sat on the floor reading, confirming my belief that the language of dreams are universal.

- Bjørn Bjarre, 2009