The Dreamwork, 1995

Installation at Galleri Herslebsgate 10, Oslo, a gallery run by Ole Jørgen Ness from 1993 to 1996.

Sublimebrown,1995. Glue, stopper, enamel and vaseline on canvas, 250 x 200 cm./The Dreamwork, 1995, Pamphlet, A4- format, 10 copies./Cast of characters, 1995 - Color-photocopy, 40 x 51 cm. (detail)

This exhibition was a culmination of a 5-year process of documenting my dreams in written text. The work dealt with problems of translation between seemingly opposing categories; from dream to text, from private to public, from night to day. I wanted to present a surrealistic material in a conceptual form, to disturb the art historical systems of categorization. The pamphlet with the dream texts were presented in a hole in the floor. A monumental monochrome gestural painting hung on the wall. At the opening night several people sat on the floor reading, confirming my belief that the language of dreams are universal.

- Bjørn Bjarre, 2009