When everything explodes we will be free, 2006

Mixed Media Sculpture, in the collection of The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo.
Originally made for The Norwegian Media Authority, Fredrikstad. Commissioned by The National Foundation for Art in Public Buildings (KORO). Dimensions: 170 x ø 160 cm

The sculpture was situated on the top floor of the Norwegian Media Authority in Fredrikstad. The Media Authority controls and regulates the media, based on a set of rules established by politicians. The Authority´s responsibilities include the establishment of age limits for films and videos, the supervision of marketing and ownership conditions in the daily press and broadcasting, and they ensure that broadcasting laws are complied with.

The sculpture may be perceived as a commentary on the power of the entertainment industry and the commercial mass media to create and describe transgressive notions of the relationship between body, perception and technology. It may also be experienced as a grotesque distortion of the media profession itself. According to established opinion the media is the forum in our western culture that safeguards freedom of expression in the public sphere. At the same time the collective sum of channels of information, expression and exposure appears to be a complex and uncontrollable monster with a will of its own that it is impossible to regulate and control.

- Per Gunnar Eeg Tverbakk, from the publication Andre Kunstrom - Andre Sammenhenger, KORO 2007